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Product Description

Activated bentointe clays


1)Raw MaterialHigh quality bentonite and high quality concentrated sulfuric acid.

2)FeatureSub-white powder,odorless,tasteless,non-toxic


Product Uses


Used for decoloring, refining and purifying industrial oil, such as lubricating oil, diesel oil, paraffin wax, gasoline, grease, kerosene, white oil,v aseline, etc.




♦Used for recycling and regeneration of industrial waste oil,such as machine oil, lubricating oil,used engine oil, etc.




♦Decoloration and refinement of edible animal and vegetable oil like Cottonseed oil , Soyabean oil, Sunflower oil, Rapeseed oil, Mustard oil , Peanut oil , Coconut oil , Corn oil , Olive oil, Ricebran oil , Palm oil, Palm-kernel oil, Linseed oil , Castor oil , Jajoba & Canola oils.




♦Decoloration and refinement of resin and natrum.




♦Decoloration and refinement of polyether.




♦Separation of olefin in arene and alkene, petroleum schizolysis, polymerization and catalysis of olefin.




Quality Indices

Test Item

Quality Indices


White/Gray/Light pink




Free acid (H2SO4), w%


Decolorizing power (Via rapeseed oil),  


Activity (NaAc approach), mmol/kg


Specific surface are, m2/g


Water content before leaving Factory, w%


Filtration rate, ml/min w%

Via testing

PH (50g/L Suspension)


Granularity(Over 0.075mm screen mesh), w%


Tap density, g/ml


Heavy metal (Measured in Pb), mg/kg


Arsenic(As), mg/kg


























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